Solutions for the Prisoner's Dilemma

1. RANDOM. This strategy is unpredictable, so your opponent cannot guess when you will cooperate. Because of this, this strategy loses to the next strategy, ALWAYS DEFECT.

2. ALWAYS DEFECT. This strategy can score big if your opponent doesn't adjust, as you are never a sucker and sometimes (whenever your opponent cooperates) you are a winner. If your opponent always defects, then neither of you do well.

3. ALWAYS COOPERATE. You lose, bigtime, to any strategy in which your opponent defects.

4. TIT FOR TAT. As long as your opponent cooperates, so do you. When your opponent defects, then you punish your opponent on the next turn. Once you and your opponent have figured out each other's strategies, Tit for tat is the best strategy, as it leads to cooperation.

5. LAST MOVE. If you know its your last move, then defect. After the last move, your opponent has no way of retaliating. This is an effective strategy in a limited set of circumstances.

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